filling_out_formThe decisions about the student’s special education program and placement occur during the CPSE/CSE meeting. An effective program – or IEP – is built upon an accurate and detailed picture of the student’s strengths and needs. Therefore, it is critical that the information the committee considers be complete and thorough. Special education regulations specify that the parents (and student!) are members of the Committee, and information they offer needs to be considered. Nobody knows the student better than his/her self and parents, and that’s why the information they provide is critical and should be comprehensive and well thought out before the meeting.

In order to assist parent’s to provide the type of information to the CPSE/CSE committee that is relevant for IEP development, the Community Support Network at WIHD has developed the CPSE/CSE Parent – Student Report Worksheet. This tool can be used to develop a report that contains information that the CPSE/CSE needs to develop an IEP that is appropriate and effective. It includes considerations that should occur at every CPSE/CSE meeting. Though not required, we encourage you to take time to think about the responses and then print and submit the report to your CPSE/CSE. Remember that the CPSE/CSE Committee can only plan based upon the information they have to consider!

Parent-Student Report Worksheet – Electronic Fillable Form

Parent-Student Report Worksheet – Print and Fill in Manually

Parent-Student Report Worksheet in Spanish

Preschool Child Information Worksheet