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This six series parent training will provide information for families on how to promote children’s social and emotional skills, understand their problem behavior, and use positive approaches to help children learn appropriate behavior. The trainings are designed to give parents key strategies that may be used with all children under 5 years old(Sessions are not designed to offer parents specific advice for their child’s individual issues). 

 In the last session, parents will be offered a routine guide that offers advice for supporting their children across common family routines.  

 Topics will include: 

Making Connections – Relationships, Quality Time and Encouragement 

Making It Happen – Play, Friendships and Positive Behavior 

Why Do They Do What They Do? – Behavior, Expectations and Rules 

Teach Me What to Do – Emotional Vocabulary, Anger and Disappointment, Problem Solving 

Facing the Challenge Part 1 – Strategies to Promote Positive Behavior 

Facing the Challenge Part 2 – Challenging Behavior and Everyday Routines 

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