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Audience: Members of Educational Organizations (administrators, teachers, pupil personnel staff, and other staff members).

This webinar is designed to introduce educators to concepts of communication and culture that impact the ways educators and educational organizations (EOs) interact with families. Some of the key ideas that will be discussed in the two-part webinar:

● Examine the role of communication in schooling and how culture influences the way we communicate in our respective roles (administrators, teachers, etc.).

● Explore the concept of culture & connect with the idea of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education.

● Explore strategies for effective collaboration between families, caregivers, and schools to support students in the special education process.

This workshop will consist of a live check-in via Zoom at 9 am (30 minutes) on 5/28 and a live check-out via Zoom at 1 pm (30 minutes). Registered participants will receive all relevant links the day before the workshop 5/28. The workshop will be self-paced on Google Classrooms. Participants will view and complete all assignments at their own pace and submit all work by 2 pm. Participants will receive 4 CTLE credits when all assignments are submitted and they attend both mandatory live sessions.

Also offered 6/11/20

This is offered with the Mid-Hudson Regional Partnership Center and the MH FACE Center

Sign up is through Frontline (MyLearningPlan), here are the links:


Need more information? Send an Email to kimberly.cannon@dcboces.org