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Claudia Jewett is an MSW with extensive experience as a social worker. She and her husband adopted 16 older kids. This book explains what is in store for those who decide to open their hearts to a waiting child.
This article details seven transracial issues and misconceptions that adoptive parents should know about.
Debbie Riley, M.S. is Executive Director of the Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc. and is a practicing Marriage and Family therapist, focusing on adolescent mental health. Since 1993, her focus has been in the field of adoption, creating C.A.S.E, a nationally recognized non-profit a...
Dedicated to providing adoption-related information to children of color, their birth parents, and their adoptive parents.
Gregory C. Keck is an adoptive parent, adoptive expert and psychologist. In this book, he offers new insights and parenting strategies particularly related to adopted adolescents.
Brenda McCreight is a family and children’s therapist, specializing in adoption and special needs. In addition she has adopted seven older children. This book provides an overview of issues that older child adoption may bring to the family.
This article provides information preparing for a transracial or transcultural adoption and promoting emotional health.
An adoptive mother and adopted daughter share lessons learned about other child adoption.
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