annual-reviewEach year every student who receives special education services has a meeting, totally focused on him or her, in order to review the current program, determine whether services are still required, and if so, to develop their IEP… or their Individualized Education Program. The IEP is the program of special education services and supports designed for the student in order to meet their needs related to the impact of his disability in the coming year. This meeting is required and there are specific regulations about how it is conducted. It is important for families (and the student) to understand what happens at this meeting and its purpose.

The video module at the link below provides a brief overview of the Annual Review meeting including a brief regulatory overview, the information that will be discussed in the meeting, and some preparation strategies. Take a few minutes to watch it so that you can participate effectively in your child’s meeting!

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Be prepared! You – and your child – are members of the IEP team, and just like any of the other members, should take the time to prepare so that your participation will be meaningful. Your voice – and the voice of your student – is absolutely critical to effective decision-making, and the development and implementation of an effective IEP. Consider submitting your own report using our Parent Report Template. Have your student try out our Student “Draft IEP” Tool to help them effectively share their own feedback about their school program. Or check out our Plain Langauge IEPs developed for both parents and students. These are all valuable resources to assist you to prepare!

For more information read our previous Annual Review Newsletter. And don’t forget to download our Preparation for Annual Review Timeline Tipsheet to help you organize and prepare for your child’s annual review meeting!