Community Advisory Committee

The WIHD Community Advisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors for their knowledge and dedication, and includes individuals with disabilities, family members, representatives of State protection and advocacy systems, developmental disabilities councils, state service agency directors, local agencies, private nonprofit groups concerned with providing services for persons with developmental disabilities, and other individuals with expressed interest in the field. Appointment terms are three years. Every other year, the Committee elects a Chair and Vice-Chair for a two-year term. The full Committee meets regularly at least four times per year, and the Executive Committee meets more frequently as needed.

Rich Laine, Chair
Simone Lawrence, Vice-Chair
Ken Agni
Kimberly Berg
Chris Bevilacqua

Debbie Buny
Kenny Burr
Karla Diaz
Jill Faber
Julie Keegan

Brendan Klein
Debbie Newman
Michael Orth
Angela Picardo
Jaclyn Rattner
Maria Samuels