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Archived Press Coverage

Second Annual Fall Fun Fest
MD News
Date: November 2018

WIHD Welcomes New LEND Class
Westchester County Business Journal
Date: September 24, 2018

Cindy Lopane joins WIHD as Director of Development and Community Engagement
Featured in:
Westchester County Business Journal [PDF]|October 2018
The Patch|September 20, 2018
MD News|November 2018

New Board Members at WIHD
Westchester County Business Journal
Date: August 27, 2018

WIHD Launches Mobile Dental Clinic
Featured in:
Westfair Online [URL]|August 2018
White Plains CitizeNetReporter [PDF]|August 2018
Business Council of Westchester [URL]|August 2018
Fios 1 [URL]|August 2018
LoHud [URL]|August 23, 2018
Westmore News [PDF]|August 31, 2018
The Examiner [PDF]|September 3rd, 2018
Westchester County Business Journal [PDF]|September 3rd, 2018

WIHD Hosts Parent Housing Forum
Date: July 2018

Westchester Institute for Human Development Appoints Program Director [URL]
Westfair Online
Date: July 10, 2018

Graduation Ceremony for LEND Program [PDF]
MD News
Date: June 28, 2018

Parent Forum on Housing for People with Disabilities Held at WIHD [URL]
Pleasantville Patch
Date: June 1, 2018

Business Council Appoints Dr. Susan Fox as Co-Chair to Non-For-Profit Council
Featured in:
The Gazette [PDF]|July 2018
Westfair Online [URL]|May 7, 2018

WIHD’s Dental Services Program Receives Two Awards from the New York State Dental Foundation
Featured in:
Westchester Magazine [PDF]|May 2018
MD News [PDF]|April 2018
Westchester County Business Journal [PDF]|March 12, 2018
Westchester Rising [PDF]|March 9, 2018

Dr. Jenean Castillo Receives the New York Medical College Diversity and Inclusion Award [PDF] Westchester Magazine Online [URL]|April 2018 (NOTE: Scroll down to third story on the page)
Westchester Magazine [PDF]|May 2018

Dr. Baldev Singh Featured in “Know Your Neighbor” Series in The Examiner [PDF]
MD News
Date: April 2018

WIHD Honors Dr. David O’Hara for 30 Year Tenure
Featured in:
MD News [PDF]|April 2018
Westchester Magazine [PDF]|April 2018
The Gazette [PDF]|March 2018
The Patch [URL]|February 22, 2018

WIHD Holds Inaugural Gala [PDF]
Scarsdale Inquirer
Date: April 13, 2018

WIHD Receives PCMH Recognition [PDF]
MD News
Date: April 2018

Dr. Fox Named to NYS Health Department Stakeholders Group [PDF]
The Rye City Review
Date: October 27, 2017

Mobile Dental Van Serves Disabled in Westchester [PDF]
Date: October 25, 2017

Doctor’s of Distinction to Honor 9 Top Westchester Physicians, Including WIHD’s Dr. AnneBeth Litt [PDF]
Westchester County Business Journal
Date: October 16, 2017

Lawmkers Enjoy WIHD Breakfast [PDF]
Westchester Rising
Date: October 13, 2017

WIHD Receives Education, Training, Service and Research Grant [URL]
Charles E. Schumer’s Office
Date: June 30, 2017

Renovated Rooms to Help Foster Kids Come to a Happier Place [PDF]
The Examiner News
Date: January 2017