Early Childhood (Birth to Age 5)

///Early Childhood (Birth to Age 5)
Early Childhood (Birth to Age 5)2020-03-18T11:46:16-04:00
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The Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) is a free, confidential, and neutral information, referral, technical assistance, and training center. Parents of children from birth to age five with known or suspected special needs, as well as professionals who provide any kind of services to children, may access our services. The ECDC at WIHD serves Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties, and is part of a statewide network of ECDCs funded by the Office of Special Education of the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Lower Hudson Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC)
Cedarwood Hall, Valhalla, NY

Early Childhood Resources

Workshops and Trainings

To view our upcoming workshops and trainings for parents and early childhood professionals, please click here.

For Parents

Contact us about concerns you may have about your child in the following areas of development:

  • Speech and Language
  • Perceptual, Motor and Physical
  • Self-help Skills and Approaches to Learning
  • Thinking
  • Social and Emotional

OR if you have questions about:

  • How to access services through the Early Intervention (EI) or Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) systems
  • The transition from EI to CPSE or from CPSE to Kindergarten
  • Private, community-based services

We provide information to parents and professionals about:

  • EI, Preschool and Kindergarten Special Education Services
  • Diagnostic and Evaluation Services
  • Typical Child Development
  • Specific Disabilities
  • Community Resources
  • Respite
  • Recreation
  • Mental Health Services
  • Legal/Advocacy Services
  • Family Support Services

Lower Hudson Special Education Forum

Supporting parents and Special Education professionals with free, confidential, and neutral information, referral, technical assistance, and training. This page supports K-12 students and their families. Connect on Facebook with our experts and learn more: