Resources for Families

Developed by WIHD


Graduation Requirements, Pathway Options and Exiting Credentials

Annual Review – Tools to help you prepare for your child’s IEP meeting

Parent – Student Report Worksheet – Meeting preparation is critical. This resource will help you organize your thoughts in a format that aligns with IEP planning. Worksheets are available in Spanish and for preschool too!

Student “Draft IEP” Interactive Tool – This interactive tool helps students prepare information that is relevant to IEP development and will facilitate their participation in the discussion.

Response to Intervention – Resources compiled to help you understand RtI

Section 504 – Resources compiled to help you understand 504 plans

Recorded Learning Modules – Video modules developed here at WIHD

Plain Language IEP Forms – These resources explain each section of the complex IEP document in words that make sense. A valuable tool for planning and preparation!