WIHD congratulates Dr. Patty Towle on the publication of her article “A Longitudinal Study of Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Before Age Three: School Services at Three Points Time for Three Levels of Outcome Disability” in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

This study reported on 70 children who were evaluated thoughout the public early intervention system and found to have autism spectrum disorder before age three. As the children became school-aged (after age 7), parents were invited to participate in a questionnaire-by mail study. Although the questionnaires provided information on many aspects of how their child was doing at home and at school, this article focused on the school placements and services at preschool, kindergarten, and then school age. This is the first study that has provided this type of information, over this long a period of time, for children across the spectrum of autism and disability. The study was conducted over several years of Dr. Towle’s WIHD LEND research team, and has three former LEND Psychology post-doctoral fellows as co-authors.