We are pleased to announce the new Student “Draft IEP” Interactive Tool available online at http://www.hvsepc.org/iep-tool.html.   Research indicates that students who are involved in their special education program planning are more successful in school.  However, many students do not even attend their IEP meetings, and of those who do, few participate in a meaningful way.  Most report boredom and feeling uncomfortable – even wishing they were back in class!! The IEP meeting is solely devoted to the individual student and it is critical that their voice be heard and impact the decisions made.  Like the other members of the IEP team, student participation will only be meaningful if they understand the purpose and what is going on.  Preparation is important.  The more knowledge students have of the process, the more engaged they will be.

This interactive tool  helps students prepare information that is relevant to IEP development.  It will assist them to develop their own “draft IEP” to be shared with the rest of the IEP team and serve as a helpful resource to facilitate their participation in the discussion.

More Information:
Click here for the Student “Draft IEP” Interactive Tool.