How YOU Can Create a Policy Manual for Your Department

WIHD can help you conceptualize and create an online Manual for your department or organization, drawing from the vast experience we have amassed in our many years of work with Westchester County.

Whether you work for a child welfare agency or another human service agency; whether you are a government agency or a non-governmental organization; whether you currently have a working manual or whether you have no starting point at all, whether you wish to create a vast, all-inclusive manual or whether you want to start small, we are eager and quite able to help.

Once you provide your contact information below, a Manual Specialist from WIHD will contact you within a few days. You will be asked some basic questions so that we might learn more about your organization’s needs, objectives, and budget. If necessary, we will arrange a subsequent phone meeting or an in-person conversation with you and any other stakeholders you wish to include in the process.

When we are satisfied that we understand your needs, we will draft a proposal that will include a statement of objectives, a timeline, and a budget. Depending on your needs, the proposal might simply offer ad hoc consulting services, or it could suggest that we cover every minute aspect of your Manual’s development and maintenance. You will have an opportunity to review the proposal and to suggest any changes or refinements that suit your particular needs. We view the Proposal Process as a collaborative one – much like the creation of your manual, itself – and will work with you until you feel comfortable and excited about the project ahead.

Contact a Manual Specialist

If you are interested in learning more about the Westchester Manual — or about how you can create a similar online resource in your organization — please provide your contact information in the space provided below. A Manual Specialist from Westchester Institute for Human Development will contact you shortly.


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