• WIHD staff member walking down a hallway


The following videos provide information on the different programs we offer at WIHD. For the complete video series please go to our You Tube page.

The Journey: A History of WIHD
The creation of the Westchester Institute for Human Development, with Dr. Margaret Gianinni, WIHD’s founder.


Inclusive Post Secondary Education – Sam and Nick’s Story
College is now an option for young people with developmental disabilities who graduate high school and need opportunities to transition to adulthood.


WIHD Story: A Leader in the Making – Lyn-Marie’s Story


WIHD Story: Finding a Place in the World – Eli’s Story



WIHD Story: A Family Reunited – Ayden’s Story



WIHD Story: Mitchell and Jack  
Early intervention, speech therapy and other supports for Down Syndrome lead to a career in Self-Advocacy.



WIHD Story: Shanique and Dajanique
Foster care supports lead to success.



WIHD Story: Aaron  
A 10-year old with autism and his family have a positive dental health visit.



WIHD Story: Patricia and Santiago
Inspired by her devotion to her 9 year old son, who has autism, this mother and pediatrician participates in the LEND Fellowship and is empowered to help others.