Schools in Westchester Assistive Technology Teams (SWAT)

/Schools in Westchester Assistive Technology Teams (SWAT)
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Schools in Westchester Assistive Technology Teams (SWAT)

Assistance in the classroom — right where it is needed most!

How would you like to have an Assistive Technology Team right in your school district?  Wouldn’t it be even more effective if the Assistive Technology Team could work like the Child Study Team, sharing information back and forth to improve the ability of the students in your school?
Well-now it is possible.
The Assistive Technology Program of Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) has launched a new initiative: SWAT Teams.  Our mission is to train school teams in assistive technology evaluations, trials, and implementation to better meet the needs of the students.

Our SWAT Team Program involves three Components:  Training, Consultation and Support, and Technology Library.

We train teams of teachers, therapists, and others within a school building, a district, or a group of districts, to address their assistive technology needs.  The program covers the administrative support and system changes necessary to implement this model, establishing and supporting the referral process, training the staff, developing Tool Kits for specific areas of need, and follow-up consultation to ensure continued support.

After the training phase is completed, the staff of the Assistive Technology Program at WIHD remains a resource for the school teams to support any activities and/or technology that the SWAT teams feel unable to handle on their own, including more advanced or “high tech” needs that may arise.  The specialists from Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and other technology areas of WIHD continue to work with the SWAT Teams to monitor, improve, and re-evaluate the skills and needs of the SWAT Team.

The Assistive Technology Program at WIHD can assist school districts in creating an inventory of their existing technology, as well as establishing and implementing a technology loan library system.  We can recommend future assistive technology purchases based on the needs of the students in the school system.  We will remain your reference resource regarding the most updated information and technology.  We will even maintain and update equipment to address main areas of assistive technology, including:
•    Communication
•    Writing Support
•    Computer Access
•    Visual Perception
•    Academic Subjects
•    Positioning and Mobility

For inquiries or questions, please contact us at 914-493-1317 or