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CBVH Adaptive Technology Loan Program

The Adaptive Technology Loan Program was developed by the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH) to meet the needs of blind and visually impaired consumers who have an open case and are awaiting equipment on order or being repaired.   CBVH consumers who are enrolled in college or employment training programs or who are gainfully employed may borrow from the CBVH Adaptive Technology Loan Program at WIHD.

CBVH Consumers
CBVH consumers should contact their CBVH Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselors to discuss their technology needs.
CBVH Counselors
CBVH VR Counselors are encouraged to contact the CBVH Adaptive Technology Loan Program at WIHD to inquire as to whether or not equipment is in stock and available for loan.
•    All CBVH offices have copies of the two forms needed to obtain technology through the Adaptive Technology Loan Program: the Counselor Request for Loan and Equipment Use Handout forms.
•    VR counselors are responsible for requesting equipment loans by completing and submitting the Counselor Request for Loan form.
•    VR counselors are also responsible for reviewing the Equipment Use Handout form with consumers and submitting the form along with their Counselor Request for Loan form to the CBVH Adaptive Technology Loan Program at WIHD.
The CBVH Adaptive Technology Loan Program Coordinator will communicate with VR Counselors upon receipt of these forms to confirm and make delivery arrangements with the district office.

(Partial list)
•    Desk top and lap top computers with built in blue tooth and web cam loaded with adaptive technology
•    24” and 19” LCD monitors
•    Mac Book Pro notebook computers
•    Pac Mate and Braille Note Apex portable note takers
•    Desk top and portable CCTV’s and video magnifiers
•    KNFB readers and digital voice recorders
•    Victor Stream DAISY book readers, and Zoom Text large print/high contrast keyboards
•    Software available include JAWS Pro/Dongle and Window  Eyes screen readers
•    Zoom Text and Magic screen magnification software
•    Open Book , Kurzwiel scanning software and ABBY fine reader
•    Duxbury Braille translation software with Braille displays
•    Audio graphing software and System Access to go on line screen readers

For inquiries or questions, please contact us at 914-493-1317 or atp@wihd.org